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Barrel Brothers Brewing Company is a production brewery located in the Town of Windsor, in beautiful Sonoma County, CA. Founded by brothers-in-law, Wesley Deal and Daniel Weber, and their father-in-law, Tom Sather in 2015, Barrel Brothers Brewing Company is built on the simple principle that if you make good beer, and make people happy in the process, the rest will figure itself out. We are a company inspired by the talented and innovative brewers who forged the path for Sonoma County to be known as one of the country’s epicenters of world class, style defining beers.



Wesley Deal and Daniel Weber began their brewing days the same way many of our friends in the craft brewing industry have – by brewing beer in 5 gallon batches at home. It started with an invitation from the guys’ father-in-law and fellow Co-Founder, Tom Sather, to attend a brewing seminar at a local beverage supply shop. The idea of getting together to drink some beers, and make some beer, and drink a couple more beers, seemed agreeable enough for an otherwise uneventful weekend day. So, after their “graduation” from beer school, the guys packed up their brewing gear and headed for Tom’s house where they put their newly absorbed knowledge to use, and to drink some beers (did we mention that?). Water, grain, hops and yeast – four simple ingredients with infinite combinations and possibilities – had made their impression on the guys. They considered themselves akin to alchemists. It was a magical, transcendent, spiritual, mystical experience. Maybe that was the beer talking... When bottling day arrived and it came time to split five gallons between the three of them, one thing became abundantly clear and they all exclaimed in unison, “We’re going to need to make more beer!”...

Fast forward five years, hundreds of recipes, thousands of dollars in equipment upgrades and an ever growing fan base of willing “taste testers” later...

Wesley Deal, Co-Founder / Brewmaster

Wes answered the siren song of the brewing goddesses and found himself enrolled in the four year Brewing Program at UC Davis. Toward the last couple semesters of his studies, Wes began conceptualizing his own custom pro-brewing system and recipes for Barrel Brothers. In June of 2015 he graduated from their prestigious program with a BS in Brewing Sciences, ready to get to work building his dream brewery.

Daniel Weber, Co-Founder

Daniel was already well into a career in the wine industry when the allure of grain won out over grapes. Daniel’s experience in the DTC world of boutique wine provided a foundation of hospitality, sales and marketing, operations, and sparked a passion for involvement in all facets of a small business. He has drawn on his varied experience to spearhead the sales, marketing, and brand development for Barrel Brothers Brewing Company.

Tom Sather, Co-Founder

Tom is a physical therapist in Sonoma County and a proud member of the gang of early “outlaws” who were home brewing way back when it was still illegal in the U.S. His first days of “dorm” brewing were squeezed in between studying while in a Doctorate Program at Stanford University, after four years as a scholar athlete at the University of Arizona.




MALTS – Pale Ale, Dark Munich, English Crystal, Pale Chocolate, Midnight Wheat & Flaked Oats
HOPS – Goldings
ABV – 7.0%
IBUs – 30
“A dark beer for people who don’t like dark beers,” Dark Sarcasm is loaded with notes of chocolate, mocha and vanilla. (We even add real Madagascar Vanilla beans). The finish is surprisingly smooth for a full flavored dark beer!”


naughty hops ipa


STYLE – IPA (India Pale Ale)
MALTS – Pilsner, Pale Ale, Wheat & Crystal 30
HOPS – Kettle ~ Collumbus Extract
Whirlpool ~ Hallertau Blanc
Dry Hopping ~ Hallertau Blanc & El Dorado
ABV – 6.5%
IBUs – 65
“Dry hopped with our revolutionary ‘Hop Spanker’ technology” Naughty Hops tantalizes with aromas of green tea and citrus, with a full malty backbone and a not-too- bitter hop finish, leaving you saying “Thank you, may I have another?”


Blonde Voyage


STYLE – Blonde / Belgian Cream Ale
MALTS – 2 Row, Vienna, Flaked Corn and Dextrin Malt
HOPS – Sterling and Belma
ABV – 5.2%
IBUs – 25
“Fermented using our in-house ‘Belg-ish’ yeast this is a perfect summer beer; light, low-alcohol, crisp and dry while packing a full flavor and no extra baggage.”


Where To Find Our Beers!

Here is a partial list of where you can sample Barrel Brothers beers. If you're interested in what we do and would like to see our brewery, give us a call, shoot us an email, or just swing by and say hi!


On Tap

Napa County

Cotati & Rohnert Park

East Bay


Marin County


Solano County & Sacramento Area

Santa Rosa

Sebastopol & West County

San Francisco



In Bottle & Can

Napa County

Cotati & Rohnert Park


Central & Southern CA

  • BevMo! – Riverbank, CA
  • BevMo! – Santa Maria, CA
  • BevMo! – Solana Beach, CA
  • Pasha Market – Riverside, CA


Santa Rosa


Sebastopol & West County

East & South Bay

San Francisco & Marin County